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Certified Quality Engineer

Certified Quality Engineer, often abbreviated CQE, is a certification given by the American Society for Quality. These engineers are professionally educated in quality engineering and quality control. The course of Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) is a basic knowledge and skills for a quality engineer. They possess the knowledge needed to set up quality control circles, assess potential quality risks, and evaluate human factors and natural process variation. The characteristics are complete knowledge and fast renewal rate. After you obtain your Certified Quality Engineer, it is very helpful to find a job to be a quality engineer, quality technician, and inspector.
Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) is similar to a senior quality engineer certified by ASQ. Just as the mass production system of the 20th century, Six sigma black belt is viewed as the production system of the 21th century. It’s successful knowledge and management has been extended to the service sector. The main idea is to make production without waste. Finally company benefit can be maximized.
American Society of Quality (ASQ) is an international quality organization in all kinds of manufacturing (excluding aircraft, nuclear, and food production), ASQ’s successful knowledge and management has been extended to the service area. To certify by ASQ is a bridge to find a professional job in the quality area. In a broad sense, this successful management is very helpful for new immigrants to open their business in North America.
Instructor Robert Lu,  CQE, CSSBB senior member of ASQ, more than ten years CQE and CSSBB instructor experience in Canada.

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