Address: 101 Amber Street Unit 2, Markham, L3R 3B2 (停车场西侧)        Tel: 416-637-6286        E-mail:             微信号: tetc2005a

Custom Broker Professional Exam Preparation

This course is specifically designed to prepare a candidate for taking the Custom Broker Professional Exam. The 40hr part-time program provides an intense review of all the important regulations and concepts in order to pass the exam successfully. The topics includes, classification, calculation, post entry and FP&F (Fines, Penalties, and Forfeiture), supplemental materials, broker compliance, trade agreements, entry types and alternatives, and general provisions, etc. In-class facilitation conducted by an experienced customs and trade expert who explains key concepts and principles, discusses real-life situations, and answer student questions. 
We have maintained a high passing rate through the years, and we also guarantee your success by allowing you to repeat the course for free until you pass the exam.

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