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Reinforced concrete structure design

This course covers the theory and practice of reinforced concrete design. The structural design process for beams, columns, slabs, frames, flat slabs, footings, and retaining walls uses the ultimate strength design method based on the updated CSA standard A23.3-04 Design of Concrete Structures. The load provisions are consistent with National Building Code of Canada 2(NBCC), and Ontario Building Code (OBC).

Each lecture uses examples to demonstrate practical problem solving according to NBC, OBC and CSA A23.3-04. A 12-storey reinforced concrete office  building employed core walls is used as an example to demonstrate overall design procedure from load calculation, structure analysis involving lateral load including wind load and seismic load, members design including flat slab, shear wall and column design, basement wall and footing design.

keyword: CSA A23.3 S16  NBCC  OBC  concrete structure design civil engineering  Structure engineering

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