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质量控制与质量保证(Quantity Control and Assurance)

program prepares you for the role of a quality technician in the manufacturing industry. It will, along with suitable work experience and mentoring, develop your skills and knowledge necessary to function as a key member of a quality assurance team. Quality assurance is a growing profession, with very good opportunities for promotion and high earnings. Conbrige college’s Quality Control and Assurance program emphasizes practical, hands-on instruction and career preparation in a quality assurance career, including the concepts and skills in towards to preparation of the examination for Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) or other certificates offered by American Society for Quality.

Quality Control Technicians are in demand and maybe be successfully employed in many industries such as machinery, electronics, construction, food, medicine and pharmacy, automatic control, automotive, plastics, energies, etc.

The below courses are applied in this program:

    • Quality Management Techniques;

    • Quality Systems;

    • Product and Process Design;

    • Product and Process Control;

    • Quality Testing and Measurement;

    • Quality Control and Management Tools;

    • Quality Improvement Techniques;

    • Software Quality Management;

    • Basic Statistical Concepts.

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